A Debate Challenge on the Problem of Evil.

I have seen many debates on the web having to do with the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus, the possibility of miracles, and the historicity of the Bible. It seems as though Christians are more apt to debate these topics. But I issue an open challenge to any Christian apologist on the web to debate me on the problem of evil.

If you know of a Christian apologist who is up to this, tell them about my challenge. Once an apologist accepts my challenge we'll work out the details.

I don't look for any eager beavers on this one.

If you see this challenge, post it on your Blogs and/or websites.

My Christian philosopher friend, Dr. James Sennett, has said: “By far the most important objection to the faith is the so-called problem of evil – the alleged incompatibility between the existence or extent of evil in the world and the existence of God. I tell my philosophy of religion students that, if they are Christians and the problem of evil does not keep them up at night, then they don’t understand it.” [Forthcoming book: This Much I Know: A Postmodern Apologetic].