Science, Religion and Biblical Christianity

I do not believe there is any mutually agreed upon scientific experiment that can either prove or disprove God's existence. So we'll be stuck with religious believers until humanity on planet earth is extinguished by the ever expanding sun. However, science makes some kinds of religious beliefs implausible.

Because modern science is objective in its results, religious people have been trying to harmonize their faith with scientific facts since the days of Galileo.

So this process leaves believers always trying to catch up to objective scientific facts, and it's here where I find several things in the Bible are outmoded, like a six day creation; the fall of a single pair of human beings in the Garden of Eden; that God sends hurricanes, tornado's, floods and fires because of human sins; that some people will be punished in an everlasting hell in the bowels of the earth, while others will have an eternal reward in the sky located just above the moon. Also outmoded is demon possession as an explanation for epilepsy, the practice of slavery, the inferior status of women, the supposed sacrificial atonement of Jesus, along with Biblical miracles, including, but not limited to, an incarnate God born of a virgin, a resurrection from the dead, an ascension into heaven (again located just above the moon), and a physical return from that same heaven.

Modern science makes implausible that kind of Biblical faith. No wonder Bishop John Shelby Spong wrote a book calling on Christianity to change or die! But the watered down version of Spong doesn't inspire many people, and it is so at odds with early Christianity that it surprises me he still wants to call his faith "Christian."