Another Infidel!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to thank John Loftus for inviting me to post here. I consider it an honor to be a part of this group. I got into contact with John through Ed Babinski. I have had a good exchange with Ed these past several days since the time he has seen my work in a discussion with the infamous "JP Holding". I am pleased that I have had friendly correspondence with Ed and John. John gave me an indication that he liked what I have written on a Christian discussion forum we both frequent. I am pleased to be acquainted with John considering that he's a seminary graduate and a former student of the Christian philosopher William Lane Craig. I hope to contribute to this blog and I look forward to good, fruitful discussions with our team here! I hope to contribute essays I am working on for review and I even have a website in the planning stages of assembly.

A bit about me. I am nearly 28 years old and I am an atheist. I tried being a Christian for 10 years until a combination of intellectual and emotional skepticism did my faith in. I am the son of an ordained fundamentalist/Evangelical minister. I, too, considered going into the ministry and becoming an apologist when I was a teenager. I was a former YEC, then an OEC, and finally a theistic evolutionist. I credit freethought publications that finally got me to see that the Bible was errant. I ought to post my full deconversion story sometime (and update it in the process!)

I am currently a university student majoring in history with an emphasis in ancient , Greco-Roman classical history. I hope to study history and biblical criticism in graduate school. I'd like to eventually become a Bible scholar so I can help educate others about biblical criticism and work as an educator to help explode fundamentalist myths about the Bible such as inerrancy. I also hope to contribute deeply to the anti-apologetics literature and hope to help inform skeptics and Christians having doubts about their faith and others who aren't sure what to think.

Proud to be a contributor...

Matthew J Green

For Matthew's deconversion story see here.