Is Christianity Internally Consistent?

Christians claim to want to check religious beliefs by internal consistency. Okay.

I find the Christian faith inconsistent, even though Christians don't see it this way. But this is what I think because I'm an outsider, just as Christians are outsiders to the other faiths they claim to check by the standard of internal consistency. I wasn't always an outsider to Christianity, though, and I eventually left it because I finally judged it as an insider to be an internally inconsistent faith.

I judge the Christian faith to be inconsistent on the following matters:

How there could there ever be a Trinity (3 in 1)? Can you explain this? Or can you explain how a Triune God just happened to causelessly exist without a beginning as a completely formed Being with all of the attributes Christians claim this Being has?

How can one man be 100% God and 100% man.

How there could ever be a Devil in the first place? If he truly is the most intelligent being and God allowed him to see his power, then the Devil was dumber than a box of rocks to rebel against God.

How does the death of Jesus actually atone for our sins?

What about the 4 billion people who die outside of Christ, and/or who never heard? They are not in rebellion against God. They are searching for answers like any of us. But they were just not born where they could hear or believe.

Hell, however conceived, is not compatible with the supposed crimes being committed, nor is it compatible with the loving father God pictured in the NT.

Why did God create the Yew plant (eat it and you die) or the Brown Recluse spider? There are a multitude of poisonous plants and creatures. White Snakeroot was one of the most common causes of death among early American settlers, who were seeking a home to worship God in freedom. Why create it in the first place? Why allow it to kill off his own people? Why did someone have to die before we learned it was poisonous?

Why didn't God make our immune systems stronger so that there wouldn't have been any pandemics? And one is just around the corner with the coming bird flu pandemic where National Geographic (October 2005)estimates anywhere from 180-360 million people will die. Why did God allow so many human deaths before he allowed someone to discover penicillin?

Why didn't God eliminate the whole predator/prey relationship among all of his creation--all of it? All of us could be made to be vegetarians and kept that way. Then God could merely reduce our mating cycles and sex urges to keep populations of creatures low enough so that there would be plenty of vegetation for all of us to eat.

There is so much more......Just enjoy your delusion that your view is the only one internally consistent while all other views are not. It's not that way at all, especially to outsiders. Claiming that it is so, is almost being completely ignorant. Why? Because whether we judge something as internally consistent is measured by the standards of the very worldview we are judging, and this is especially true if we're doing the judging of our own worldview.