The God Who Is Not

There are Christians very unlike the christian bloggers that we regularly read and hear from. In fact, I think that most Christians are very unlike the ones in the blogosphere.

These are good people who hold to good humanistic principles. They believe the best about people. They want people to experience happiness.

Their idea about the Christian God is also very different from the Christian bloggers we are most often in contact with here. Unfortunately, it seems that their idea of the Christian God is also very different from the ones (for there are many different concepts of God in the Bible) presented in the Bible and throughout church history.

It seems, to me, that these people are trying to squeeze an idea of a good god into a religion that is antithetical to that conception. We, intuitively, know that if a god exists, that god is the zenith of wisdom and morality and, as such, would not be petty about things like human mistakes, homosexuality, etc. We also, intuitively, know that if a god with that kind of greatness did actually exist, our world would look very different than it does.

I believe there is the idea, in the heart of every human, of what a god must be if one does exist, but there is also a nagging realization that this god doesn't exist (e.g. because of the prevalence of rape, murder, molestation, etc.).

What I think many Christians are doing is taking this idea of what a true god would be (i.e. what we know this true god would be if one existed) and trying to force it into Christianity. The problem, however, is that the Bible and church history are clearly opposed to this notion of god. This is a religion that believes its God told people to kill disobedient children and homosexuals; who told rape victims to marry their attackers; who invented the idea of hell to punish those who disagree with him.

There is this tension, though, because most Christians cannot make themselves believe that a true god (the god they know would exist if one existed) would do such awful things. They try to ignore the God of the Christian Bible and Christian history and put this other concept of god into their religion.

I can't help but believe that this is a blasphemous act, not toward the Christian God, but toward the god we know would exist if one existed. It is paramount to calling a true god a devil (i.e. one who calls for the death and torture of others).

It does not seem difficult to imagine what a god would be like if one existed. She would be a good god, a god that is not petty, a god very unlike the Christian God.

Unfortunately, the state of the world seems to be a clear indication that this "true" god does not, in fact, exist (things would be much different). I think most Christians also know this intuitively, but want so desperately for this true god to exist, that they try to squeeze it into a religion that is antithetical to it. I believe this is a great disservice to the idea of the true god, the god we know would exist if one existed.

So, while I don't believe a god exists, I feel compelled to defend the idea of a true god. I feel compelled to point out that Christians (and other members of the world religions) are blaspheming the real god, i.e. The God Who is Not.

Atheists are simply people who think too highly of "The God Who is Not" to attach her to one of the hideous world religions. We think too highly of her to associate her with this chaotic, uncaring world.

If any being worthy of the title "god" existed, I can't help but believe that she would be happier with the atheists of this world than the Christians, Muslims, religious Jews, etc. We are the only ones who refuse to disgrace her by attributing horrific deeds to her.

Atheists are the true worshippers of the true god, The God Who is Not. Our praise to her comes in our refusal to debase her by connecting her with backwards, morally-bankrupt world religions or with this uncaring, painful universe. Our thoughts of her are too high. We are better, more faithful worshippers than any religious person who profanes the concept of the true god by associating it with their hideous faith.

Let every knee bow and tongue confess that the true god is too good for this world and any of its religions! All praise and glory be given to The God Who is Not!