A Christian Ph.D. Comments On Our Commentators

This e-mail I received from Mike Russell of eternal perspectives (with permission):

I do apologize for some of the pathetic and vitriolic responses made by Christians: freedom of speech is a dangerous thing on the wrong lips. I noticed that you seem to attract more than a few Christians who tend not to be - what shall we say? - deep thinkers or widely/deeply read. Their hearts are good but they haven't been sufficiently confused enough to wrestle with some of the hard, unyielding questions. I suppose they have certain assumptions about God, Christianity, and the Bible that they defend tenaciously, but don't stop to actually question their assumptions (e.g., "Christians should be able to explain everything because God has provided all the answers in the Bible," or "God owes me an answer," i.e., the Job syndrome). They're good-hearted people, for the most part, but just young and/or ignorant (think Will Rogers here).

As far as CenturiOn goes, I wouldn't recommend DagoodS' participation in any so-called debate. The "Pyromaniacs," as they like to call themselves, aren't the most reasonable or loving people claiming the name of Christ. Neither am I at all times, of course, but I seem to have developed the ability to say such difficult things as, "I'm sorry," "I was wrong," or "You're right." I'm not "Truly Reformed" and so I'm a bastard child in their eyes. Call me Jephthah. Fine with me.