Double Standards

It hasn't been long since I resigned from my church and rejected belief in God.

However, it's been plenty long enough to be told by most of my Christian friends and pastors that I'm making too quick and drastic of a decision. One pastor told me, "you've only been really struggling with this for a year. Everyone goes through this. How can you all of a sudden believe it's all just not true?"

Another pastor is fond of telling me I'll look back on this in 10 years and laugh at my drastic way of thinking.

I don't know about the rest of you who have been to church before, but it seems like every time I went I was pressured (I mean "encouraged") that I needed to make a decision to become a Christian that day. "Today is the day of salvation!" "Tomorrow may be too late!" I was told.

And here are the same people who said, "we can say the prayer right now if you'd like?" telling me I'm making a rash and quick decision after at least a year of questioning?

There is a serious double standard looming among such Christians. They believe people should come in mass to the front of stages to buy completely into Jesus after a 30 minute sermon. Then, at the same time, they think a person who has taken at least a year to decide Christianity is wrong is making a quick and drastic decision.

Seems I'm not the one who is being quick and drastic about believing things. I just don't get it.