Kirk Cameron Goes Bananas!

* I normally don't call anyone "stupid," and I'm still not going to, but I am going to say so regarding the ideas presented below! *

A cousin brought this to my attention about a week ago, and I have not been able to stop laughing at the sheer stupidity of it since. When I get depressed, I just think of this and I feel better! A friend of my cousin's wanted to argue apologetics with him and brought him to the webpage of former atheist and actor, Kirk Cameron, and boy did the laughs begin to roll!

When he told me about it, I thought it was a joke, but it isn't. It's for real, and to this day I cannot think about it without at least cracking a smile! The most egregious error from Answers In Genesis doesn't begin to compete with this!

Watch the video where Kirk and his co-host argue that a banana is, "an atheist's worst nightmare!" The banana, an atheist's worst nightmare!. Behind my hysterical laughter, I only have a few things to say to Kirk or whoever wrote this numbskull-ish material...

What about pineapples, Kirk? They have virtual "spikes" on them and are damn hard to get into! And what about coconuts, Kirk? They are very hard to get into, and in fact, you basically can't get into them without a good hard surface to crack them open with. You can even konk someone over the head with one and it'll be an effective weapon. If god wanted man to have a convenient eating experience, why didn't he make all our natural food products like the banana? What about other food products like oranges and apples, where getting into them is not quite as convenient (in the case of the apple, you've got to stop eating before you get to the core because the seeds of the apple are poisonous)? And bear in mind, we are not even considering poisonous plants and fruits, nor are we considering having to chase down bison, spear them to death, cut them up, carry them back to camp, cook them, and eat them!

Besides, what about grapes, Kirk? People choke on them all the time. My brother, a medic in the army, struggled to free a grape that was lodged in the windpipe of a soldier. The man ended up dying it was so tightly stuck in there. Imagine, death by grape inhalation! Do an internet search for accounts of choking on grapes and you will see it happens to hundreds of people a year!

I won't carry on because of the mind-blowing stupidity of this idea. I'll just end by saying this is as moronic and simplistic as what an old Pentecostal woman once argued at me with, saying that since God made the river just big enough for the riverbed, therefore, we have evidence of him!

I dare say unbelievers and most believers will have a good laugh at this!