Which is it? You Pick!

Ed Babinski e-mailed me with a list of some interesting books published in the evangelical community, listed below. I have some of these books. But let me pose a question here. Either God was not clear in his revelation about these issues, or the Holy Spirit isn't doing his job in illuminating the truth of the Bible, or God doesn't care what Christians believe. If God doesn't care, then he's also partly to blame for the wars and inquisitions and heresy trials of the Christian past, which claimed many lives. You pick. Which is it? [This doesn't even begin to address the issues that separate different branches of Christianity].

In the 1980s two Evangelical Christian publishing houses began publishing a series that featured debates between theologians (who remained in disagreement following such debates). InterVarsity Press published...

Two Views of Hell: A Biblical and Theological Dialog
What About Those Who Have Never Heard? Three Views on the Destiny of the Unevangelized
In Search of the Soul: Four Views of the Mind-Body Problem
Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views
Four Views on Divine sovereignty and Human Freedom
Four Christian Views of Economics
Four Theologians Debate the Major Millennial Views
The Meaning of the Millennium: Four Views
God & Time: Four Views
Science & Christianity: Four Views
Psychology & Christianity: Four Views
Women in Ministry: Four Views
Divorce and Remarriage: Four Christian Views
Theologians and Philosophers Examine Four Approaches to War

While Zondervan Press, part of their Counterpoints Series, published...

Two Views on Women in Ministry
How Jewish Is Christianity? Two Views on the Messianic Movement
Three Views on the Rapture
Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond
Three Views on Creation and Evolution
Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism
Remarriage After Divorce in Today's Church: Three Views
Are Miraculous Gifts for Today: Four Views
Show Them No Mercy: Four Views on God and Canaanite Genocide
Understanding Four Views on Baptism
Who Runs the Church? Four Views on Church Government
Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World
Four Views on the Book of Revelation
Four Views on Eternal Security
Four Views on Hell
Evaluating the Church Growth Movement: Five Views
Five Views of Law and Gospel
Five Views on Sanctification
Five Views on Apologetics
Exploring the Worship Spectrum: Six Views

Neither counterpoint series, above, is at an end.