There is no learning curve for stupid

This title is most aptly directed towards a man by the name of Kip Mckean, founder of the Boston Movement church, the International Church of Christ and now the International Christian Church. In 1979, Kip Mckean corralled 30 would-be idiots in a living room in Boston, Mass. who dedicated themselves to "go any where, and do anything" for the cause of Christ. To the end of world evangelization in one generation, Mckean created a culture infused with unbridled manipulative strings over its members. He indoctrinated members live solely for his own self absorbed purpose. I should know since I was once one of them. The ICOC planted a church in every country with a city of a population of a 100,000. His evil empire came crashing to halt when his own daughter rejected his church and left the church in 2002 -03. The church organization as a basically dissolved, after having permanently damaged thousands of lives.

Do you think Kip Mckean would shoulder any of the blame? Do you think he would anything from this adolescence escapade of power mongering? There is no learning curve for stupid.

Rather than doing anything with a slight semblence of rationality, he decided that all the fault was with everyone except himself. If people had committed themselves truly to his fundemental convictions which he himself formulated back in 1979, then the original movement would still be growing according to god's (Kip McKean's) plan. So without missing a beat and a with a slight of hand, he has consigned all the churches of his former movement (ICOC) to hell and has started from scratch to create a "new" movement (same movement, just a new name and a new group of fools who are suckered) called the International Christian Church. You can find out what this gross movement is up to at As I write this, he is sending out mission teams from Portland,Oregon to start new churches around the country to indoctrinate, to manipulate and to enslave new members in the most radical principles of an already guilty religion. Kip Mckean represents the worst of the worst of already horrible religion.
If by chance you happened to be invited to church by a member of this church, please do me a favor. Just spit in their eye for me.