Here's An Email From a Christian

"If you believe nothing, than stop believing you can make a difference. To you and your beliefs, you die, and that's it, no one cares. To Christians, you are a major pain in the neck, and we wish you just left us alone to love the Lord. You see, we've found something. Something you have obviously lost."

"My relationship with the Lord, don't you dare tell me it is fake. Is it yourrelationship with the Lord I am having? Is it for you that God gives me His love and mercy? The relationship I have is only for me and the Lord, and I know it is real, because it is personal. I suppose you lost yours, (Which can never be truely lost, because our God is the God that will love us) but why on earth, if you have no faith in God, and don't even care about God, so therefore have no care for anything related to God, such as religion and Heaven, and Hell, why do you care then if the world believes in God. Wouldn't you just say "They are wasting their time, but it doesn't matter anyways."? If you will not realize your primary mistake in turning away from the Lord, then stop trying to "convert" people out of their Love and faith for our Lord. I am slowly finding that atheism is a religion. If it were not so, people would not argue for it so hard as they do. You ask for intelligent people. Intelligence is nothing without wisdom. And if you think the knowledge of this world times a thousand will stop an ounce of wisdom inspired from the Lord, than prepare yourself to be run over by a train of devistation, and a huge waste of time. My God wants you back! He loves you too much. Stop hurting His people. Love the Lord again."

Just thought I'd share this. It's sad really. I see myself as a liberator of superstitious and even dangerous delusionary thinking.