Authoritarian Personalities and Religious Fundamentalism

I don't usually do this, but Prup (aka Jim Benton) informed me of an online book by Bob Altemeyer, called The Authoritarians and wants others to be aware of it for a discussion. I haven't read through it, but if anyone wants to discuss it, go ahead.

Altemeyer is releasing this book onto his website, one chapter at a time -- the first five are already there, the sixth is due tomorrow. Jim said that he thinks I'd find it 'very interesting.' Jim also said he doesn't agree with all of it. But he did suggest that I read it here, and bring it up in some discussions. The most relevant for our discussions, Jim said, is Chapter 4, Authoritarian Personalities and Religious Fundamentalism.

Okay, have at it. Anyone want to start by reading through it and summarizing it? Jim?