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About me.
- Lee's Deconversion Story

I am interested in an empirical inquiry into the phenomena of Christianity. These are what I think are my strongest arguments.

Holy Spirit
- Reasonable Doubt About the Holy Spirit
- The Role of Persuasion in the Question of the Holy Spirit
- Feelings as a Result of the Holy Spirit
- Holy Spirit and the Analogy of the Flame

The Soul
* Maxwells Demon and The Soul

- The Natural History of The Bible
- Judaism, Christianity and Islam are built on a faulty premise
- The Believers Reasoning Scheme
- Reasonable Doubt About the Resurrection
- The Bible as Truth?
- Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil
- Reasonable Doubt About "Adaption Theory"

God is Chance
- The Promise of Prayer
- A Means to Manage Uncertainty

Behavior: Morality
* Negativity Is Contagious, Study Finds
* "When Our Vices Get the Better of Us"
- A Double Standard for Morality?
- Reasonable Doubt About The Atonement: Psychopathy
- Brain Atrophy In Elderly Leads To Unintended Racism, Depression And Problem Gambling
- Schizophrenia Candidate Genes Affect Even Healthy Individuals

Behavior: Homosexuality
- Homosexuality Is An Indicator Of Lack Of Divine Participation In The Creation Of Scripture

Behavior, Psychology: Persuasion, Cognitive Bias, Cognitive Dissonance, Self-Justification
* Solomon Asch Conformity Experiments
- Suspension of Disbelief
- The Role of Persuasion and Cognitive Bias in Your Church

The Problem of Evil
* Reasonable Doubt about the Problem of Evil
- Anencephalic Babies and the Problem of Evil
- Cognitive Dissonance and The Problem of Evil

Articles Addressing Frequently Asked Questions.
- Why I am an Agnostic: The Bible as a Domain of Knowledge
- The Identity Crisis of Deconversion
- You Don't Need Faith to Believe The Principle of Evolution
- Atheists Don't Believe in God Because They Think They Are So Smart They Don't Need Him?
- Should The Atheist Have to Prove There Is No God?
- Does The Atheist Want God To Do Tricks?
- Christians Are Not Stupid or Irrational.

Articles related to critical thinking and reasoning.
* Stinky Piles of Rhetoric and Flawed Principles
- Happy St. Patricks Day! Leprechauns Exist!
- Lee's Non-Atheistic Recommended Reading

Articles that use news stories to provide data weakening or critical of Christian claims.
* Ministry of a Healing Amputee and Another Where the Dead Come Back to Life
* Church ordered to pay $10.9 million for funeral protest
- What Would You Do With $800,000.00 or 55,000 People for 12 Hours?
- "Floods are judgment on society, say bishops"
- Study In "Journal of Religion and Society" Finds Societies Worse Off With Religion.
- Humans Hard-Wired To Be Generous
- Miracle Watch March 23 - 26, 2007
- Mugger punches 101-year-old woman on video