Atheist Peter Kirby is Now a Catholic

[Edit this is old news since Kirby now says he's basically an agnostic. Link.]

Former atheist Peter Kirby says the Catholic Church is his home, and he now finds himself "identifying with the Christian religion."

*cough* In my opinion he never was an atheist in the first place, or that if he was one, someday he'll return to the atheist fold.

I'm not serious when I said he was never an atheist, but Christians regularly say that about those of us who leave the Christian fold. How does that sound, Christian?

In any case, I'm not sure what Kirby has been converted to, since what he describes isn't all that clear to me. He describes himself as "a Catholic-Naturalist." I'd like for him to explain what doctrines of the Catholic Church he believes, and where he has changed his mind regarding the content of these beliefs, if these beliefs have changed. But whether he does or not is up to him in his own timing.

It seems as though he felt the need for "help" from outside of this present existence. We all have that feeling. Just last week I myself "prayed" for help, just in case there was actually a Spirit out there, or just in case there is a mind and that thinking affects reality in some way. I have always been a lucky person, and I don't know why this is so. I think lucky thoughts, if you will, and fortuitous events happen in my life. Is it because I think I'm lucky that in turn I see a fortuitous event, or is it the case that my positive thinking somehow affects events that bring me luck? Since there is no evidence that positive thinking affects historical events, it probably doesn't affect them. But we want to think positive anyway. At least in doing so it helps us to react positively to what happens in this life which gives us the best chance to act in ways that produce positive events in our lives.

Why is it that on shows like "Deal or No Deal," and "Family Feud" that after people make a guess they subsequently clap and say it out loud as a "good choice/answer"? Does it help? What about the Craps Dice roller in Vegas? He calls out for his numbers as he throws the dice. Does it help? Probably not, but who can say for absolute certain, right? So we do. I do. Perhaps Kirby is doing the same thing? Maybe for him it's a Kierkegaardian leap of faith into the unknown. It brings comfort. It offers the promise of help. It feels safe.

Even though I can't fully understand why he would want to support and align himself with the Catholic Church, given its past and present day atrocities, I for one, wish him well.

I would hope that atheists treat their apostates more respectfully than Christians or Muslims treat their apostates.