(non-religious) Objections to Neo-Darwinism (Richard Dawkins et al)

The Canadian Philosopher Charles Taylor was recently interviewed on ABC Radio National's (Australia) The Philosopher's Zone. What I was most interested to hear (and I suspect many of you will be too) were his philosophical objections to and critique of recent Neo-Darwinians such as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett.

I realise Dawkins is lauded as a bit of an Atheist hero these days but it was fascinating to hear some of the perceived philosophical flaws in his assertions. Don't get me wrong, that which was brought up by Taylor in no way resembles Evangelical rhetoric. Taylor isn't anti-Evolution, rather he challenges some of the philosophical applications of Neo-Darwinism.

The interview was presented in two parts and can be accessed here and here. Be quick though as the MP3 files tend to be removed after a few weeks (although the transcripts remain indefinitely).

I would also suggest you subscribe to the podcast of this brilliant radio show.