A Reasonable Christian's Questions

Jospeh is a reasonable Christian who has asked a few questions of other Christians here. You might want to read what he said in context, but here they are:

He asks, 1) "To start with, does it strike any Christians as odd that we have to do so...much explaining for God?" 2) "Do we really know that God...does not intervene to stop evil simply because he wants us to learn a lesson? It seems to me that the stories of the Old and New Testaments mitigate against this and would lead us to believe that God likes to show himself faithful and true by taking an active role in our reality." 3) "Is it merely coincidence that as humankind has become more scientifically advanced, God has decided to stop talking to us, getting involved in public ways, performing miracles, proving points, etc?" 4) "Does [God's] utter silence and refusal to intervene not make you the least bit suspicious?" 5) If it's true that we are all this way and that God could say or do nothing to guarantee [that] the majority of us do the right thing, doesn't that make you wonder about the way we're "built"? I mean, how can an all-knowing, wise, powerful God...design a "good" human being that would almost instantaneously become commandeered by sin, which would subsequently take over his whole nature? To me, that betrays a God who has lost control (as does the epidemic of evil), or perhaps never had control to begin with."

These are good questions. I particularly liked question three.