Why My Focus is On Debunking Evangelical Christianity

A recent Barna Poll shows that Most Americans Take Well-Known Bible Stories at Face Value. That is one reason I focus on that which I do...

According to Barna, two-thirds of American adults take well-known Bible stories at face value. That's a lot of people; 200 million of them! So I take aim at a very large audience, including evangelicals, mainline Protestants, AND Catholics who believe the Bible.

Former Blog member Caleb Wimble described why we at DC have chosen to debunk evangelical Christianity in these words:

Not only is fundamentalist Christianity the greatest threat in the United States to science, tolerance, and social progress, but it is also the most prevalent form of Protestant Christianity to be found in our nation, whether you like it or not. It is the fundamentalist religious right that holds the reigns of the Republican party (which currently controls the nation, in case you didn't realize), and it is this same fundamentalist religious right that lobbies for the teaching of lies in public school and fights against funding for embryonic research that could potentially save the lives of millions.

Whether you like it or not, it is this flavor of Christianity that makes the loudest, most obnoxious, most dangerous impact on the world today, giving us plenty of good reason to direct the brunt of our attacks in its vicinity.

Maybe others will share why they think evangelical Christianity is a bigger threat. But at bottom it's precisely because they are fundamentalists!

I can, and I do argue against mainline and even Catholic Christianity. It's just not my focus. My focus is on fundamentalism because the majority of Christians believe the "literal" passages in the Bible, and because they have a zeal for pressing their views upon me through economic and political power. Liberals are not that much of a threat, period. They do not blindly accept what they read in the Bible, and that's being more reasonable than fundamentalists, who have a Bible verse for every problem, intellectual or social. I can agree with liberals on this, so why bother with them?

My goal is to dislodge the evangelical Christian off of center. That's the hard part. That's the challenging part. I like a big challenge. Once they are knocked off center they will be less cocksure and less of a threat to my personal liberties. They will begin to think for themselves without blindly accepting what they read in the Bible.

I can argue against liberal theological views! I was once a liberal Christian on my way to atheism. Is that too hard for people to understand?