Christianity’s Living Core is Theological Argumentation and Not Miracles

This is how The Truth Once Delivered to the Saints was handled:

Jesus argues with his parents. (Luke 2: 44 - 50 & John 2: 1 - 4)

Jesus argues with the Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes.

Jesus argues with the common Jewish people he came to teach.

Jesus argues with the Apostles.

The Apostles argue among themselves.

The Jerusalem Jewish Jesus sect (under James and Peter) argue with the Hellenists.

Paul argues in his letters against Peter.

Paul argues with unnamed Judaizers and boasts that he only preaches the truth in his churches.

Paul argues with Barnabas and John Mark ending with their splits.

The Early Church Fathers argue amongst themselves over who is really orthodox and who is heretical.

The Western Christians argue with the Eastern Christians over dogmas and who is really the true Church; ending in a split forming the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox traditions.

Catholic Monastic Orders argue, fight (in some cases kill members of the other Orders) and split into new traditions under the Pope.

Luther argues with the Catholic Church labeling the Pope as the Anti-Christ and splits.

Calvin argues with the Catholic Church and with Luther and splits.

Henry VIII argues with the Pope ending in a split and starting the Church of England.

Puritans argue with both Catholics and Protestants and sail to the New World to get freedom of religious truth: But only as they themselves under stand Biblical truth.

Once the issue of freedom of religion was established in the United States, the “Made in American” new Christian religions argued their way into existence: Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist and Christian Science.

The five present day Book of Mormon sects attack and argue with each other. The Branch Davidians split off from and argue with the regular Adventist Church and the Christian Science argues with Unity Christianity.

Alexander Campbell travels the early 19th century United States and argues with the established Christian sects and churches over Biblical orthodox truth starting the Campbellites.

Christian Fundamentalist argue with Christian Liberals.

The King James 1611 Version (The Textus Receptus) group argue and debate with Westcott - Hort's eclectic Greek text.

For the last 2,000 years, Christianity has survived by argumentation and its so called debate to established the real orthodox Christian truth.

Based on its cantankerous tradition, it is little wonder that the Dark Ages commenced after Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Rome Empire.

People such as JP Holding, Joe Hinman, Jason, District Super. Harvey Burnett and many Christians who stop by DC to challenge postings are simply only doing what the earliest New Testament traditions (The Pauline Corpus) demand that should be done: The argumentation of the illusive orthodox Christian truth.

In my next post, I’ll present a radical new thesis as to how Christianity was born and why, by its very nature, it is so argumentative.