Is it Time for a Strictly Atheist University?

What do you think? See below:

Luke of Common Sense Atheism was commenting on the Bill Craig v. Christopher Hitchen's debate at Biola University when he also said:
Being at Biola reminded me that there are dozens of universities with entire programs devoted to teaching students how to argue for the existence of God. Hundreds of bright young students are being trained like Craig. Many will probably become pastors or theologians, but many of them will be writing books and getting professorships in philosophy and the sciences. In contrast, I don’t know of any programs that teach arguments against the existence of God (except philosophy of religion programs, which teach both sides). And there is certainly nobody who believes it is their divine and cosmic purpose to devote their life to defending the truth of atheism. It’s a wonder atheism is so vastly over-represented in American academies. Here's the link.
First posted on April 12, 2009.