Another Review of My Book: "Brilliant: the Book I Was Waiting For!"

For people tired of these kinds of posts I'll place the review below. For others like the reviewer herself who are first time visitors to DC and/or never heard of my book, this is for you.
"Why I became an Atheist" by John W. Loftus is excellent from cover-to-cover. A few weeks ago I came across "Why I Became an Atheist" by Mr. Loftus while browsing the local bookstore - I must admit, I hadn't heard of this title before I laid eyes on it (sadly). At first sight of the book I was hopeful and expectant, and my expectations were NOT failed. I would say that this book picked-up/filled-in where all the other Atheist-type books left-off/missed-out, if that makes sense.

This is one of my absolute favorite books that deals with Atheism and I will continue to suggest it to others and use it as a source-book for my own future reference as well. On a final note: if you are, like me, a fan of Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, etc.. you'll love this book too! But don't expect to find the same rehashed arguments; this book is fresh, audacious and thought-inspiring, and I recommend it to all. Enjoy! Click here for the full review.
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