Welcome To the New Face of Christianity

Philip Jenkins, professor of History and Religious Studies at Pennsylvania State University, has argued that the Christianity of the future will be the one found in the Southern Hemisphere and Asia, since it's growing phenomenally in these places. In his newest book The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South, he shows us that Christianity is largely defined by that which it opposes. In the Northern Hemisphere Christianity opposes secularism and has developed responses to it by adopting liberalism. But in the Southern Hemisphere it opposes shamans, witch doctors, and animists--those who already believe in demonic forces. This video series below shows us how some evangelical Christians act on their beliefs. Welcome to the new face of Christianity folks! We're returning to the witch trials of the late Middle Ages, this time by evangelicals who believe the Bible, not Catholics. Doesn't it just warm your hearts?

There are seven parts to this video series all found by following the links in the sidebar at You Tube. Enjoy the first part below:

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