Debunking Christianity Carnival #1

A smorgasbord of annotated weblinks.

John recently brought up the subject of poisonous plants. Below are related items:
Why We Believe in a Designer
The most provocative things ever said about the way God "designed" the cosmos
God's Cool Designs [video]
Neil deGrasse Tyson - Stupid Design [video]
Jesus and Mo, "World" [cartoon]
The Evil God Challenge (part 1)
The Evil God Challenge (part 2)
Bart Ehrman: How the Problem of Pain Ruined My Faith
Google the word "carnival" and you'll retrieve over 44 million "hits," but the #1 top-ranked "hit" (as of today) was this one: Biblical Studies Carnival. A "carnival" in the blogging world refers to a "best of" collection of links to recent entries at different blogs. I recommend the Biblical Studies Carnival since the entries are from the blogs of biblical studies professors ("bibliobloggers"), and cover an informative and intriguing range of topics.
I create "wish lists" in order to keep track of interesting book titles and bundle them by category. The following two lists feature books written by (or about) those who question Christian religious beliefs:
Testimonies, questioning Protestantism

Testimonies, questioning Catholicism
See also this piece from a creationist website:
Losing faith: how secular scholarship affects scholars
And this new book:
When Faith Meets Reason: Religion Scholars Reflect on Their Spiritual Journeys
And this:
People who left Christianity as a direct result of their studies
Godless Comedy from Mitchell and Web