DC Ranked 7th Place Among Atheist Blogs and 4th Place Among Bibliobloggers

Hey, I'm just tooting my own horn. Why not? It sounds good to me on New Years Eve, since that's what we do. Here are the rankings:

The top atheist sites per hits compiled by Luke at Common Sense Atheism are:

1. Pharyngula (PZ Myers)
2. Friendly Atheist (Hemant Mehta)
3. Unreasonable Faith (Daniel Florien)
4. About Agnosticism/Atheism (Austin Cline)
5. American Atheists
6. Atheist Revolution (vjack)
7. Debunking Christianity (John Loftus)
8. The Freethinker
9. Common Sense Atheism (Luke Muehlhauser)
10. Skepchick
11. Greta Christina
12. Butterflies and Wheels
13. Daylight Atheism (Ebonmuse)
14. Skeptico
15. New Humanist
16. Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?


The top five rankings among Bibliobloggers are:

1 Jim West, Jim West
2 Joel M. Watts, The Church of Jesus Christ
3 Matt Dobbs, Kingdom Living
4 John Loftus, Debunking Christianity
5 Jeremy Thompson, Free Old Testament Audio Blog


By the way, my target audience is Christians, not skeptics, so it looks like that's the audience I'm getting noticed by the most. That's good news to me.