I Think Many Christians Just Do Not Give a Damn That People Die

Yep, that's what I've concluded. Theirs is a faith that must dismiss the tragedy of death. It does not matter to them who dies, how many people die, or what the circumstances are when they die. It could be the death of a mother whose baby depends upon her for milk during the first few months of life. It could be a pandemic like cholera that decimated parts of the world in 1918, or the more than 23,000 children who die every single day from starvation. These deaths could be by suffocation, drowning, a drive-by shooting, or being slowly burned to death. It doesn't matter to them. Their God is good. Death doesn't matter. People die all of the time.

Christians inconsistently claim to hold to the sanctity of life while many of them are politically pro-life. But Christians who accept the traditional interpretations of the historic creeds of the church are all pro-death. They justify death. They even personally long for it. Many of them hope for the so-called Rapture, disregarding the fact that many if not most of their friends and family members will be Left Behind, or worse yet be condemned to hell. They simply do not care. They see no reason why death is a problem when confronted with the incongruous claim that God loves us each and every one. God is good. Just look at some of the responses to what I wrote here. Christians simply do not care. They do not care. They do not care.

Christians will say that Jesus cares and that they do too, of course. I know this. And they do help people who suffer around the world, yes. But when it actually comes down to it they don't give a damn who dies, or how many, or under what circumstances. For in order to justify their belief in God's goodness they must minimize the value of human life. Theirs is a pro-death faith plain and simple.

I value human life more than that. So I cannot believe because I value human life. I am pro-life in this sense, and that includes all life.

No wonder I call Christians deluded. They just do not think about these things. In fact, I'll predict I'll get the same old pat answers regurgitated from Chick Tracks that rely on what an ancient superstitious barbaric set of canonized documents tell us. But that's what I'm calling into question here. Why should I accept these standard pat answers which do not deal head on with what I'm saying?


Cheers everyone, and on this note may you all have a Happy New Year. Once-in-a-while I must say it like it is.