My Credentials Are My Arguments

Since I don't have a doctorate and the title to my blog is an attention getter some Christian scholars don't think much of me when they first hear of me. Don't misunderstand me. I do have some credentials. To see them just click on my profile page (later Dr. Hector Avalos is going to compare my credentials with those of Jim West). As an atheist I have been honored to speak at a Midwest regional meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and was a panelist for the annual Society of Biblical Literature last year. In February I'm debating Dinesh D'Souza at the University of Illinois. So this should all say something I'd guess. But to those still unpersuaded let me show you the respect I have gained from some Christian scholars because of my arguments. I have regularly engaged Christian philosophers and apologists here at DC, some of whom you know.

Some Christian scholars who have never read anything I've written just think I must be a bombastic atheist, I guess. Maybe they need to see my review of the Evangelical Philosophical Society 2008 Apologetics Conference how I interact with Christian scholars.

I have invited Christian scholars to post unedited blogs on DC too, which I allow from time to time, like Prof. John F. Haught, who responded to a review I did for his book, which can be read here. There are others I've allowed to address my readers, like William Lane Craig seen here, and Douglas Groothuis seen here, and James Sennett, seen here, and Craig Blomberg, seen here.

Perhaps before Christian scholars think I am easily dispensed with they should first see how I responded to up and coming apologist Mary Jo Sharp, seen here. Or how I interacted with Christian philosopher Shandon L. Guthrie seen here. Maybe that will make them think twice about me, who knows?

I have many Christian scholar friends and pastors who know me and they know I am a force to be reckoned with. I carry on email exchanges with them all of the time, too many to name drop here.

So to these other Christian scholars who have not heard of me before and dismiss me out-of-hand, let me say this: I don't care what deluded people like you think of me, although I'd rather be friends. ;-) It's your choice. It's also your choice whether you engage me. Dismiss me all you want to, but so long as you do I can go on my merry way unhindered as I help change the religious landscape, unfettered by those of you who think you can effectively rebut my arguments. They are my ultimate credentials and I'm just getting started.

That I have gained the respect of skeptical scholars goes without saying. Just look at the blurbs for my books and the contributors to my forthcoming book, The Christian Delusion, which I am honored to have them write for it.