Christians, Police Your Own Ranks: Randy Demain Claims to Have Raised the Dead

What a crackpot, a buffoon. He claims it's easy to raise the dead. He's an idiot.

Watch him calmly describe how easy it is to raise dead people to life. Are you with me so far? I've never heard of him before but let's examine his testimony.

He tells two stories that both took place in Africa when he raised a woman and a baby from the dead. His challenge is to westernized Christians to do likewise because such things don't take place among us.

I'll assume for the sake of argument that he's sincere and honest in his reports, although, given what we know about many evangelists who tell whopping stories in order to raise funds, we have a reason to be suspicious of his stories no matter how sincere he looks.

But is it any wonder why these claims are coming from Africa? They do not have scientifically trained coroners who pronounce people dead. So it stands to reason these people were never dead in the first place, and it best explains why these claims are not being made in scientifically minded westernized countries. GET. THE. POINT.

The woman he claims to have raised from the dead may have been playing dead in order to get away from the two men. We just don't understand how women are treated in these countries, but it is really bad. Since she stole some money later it's pretty clear she's a deceiver, so why wouldn't she attempt to deceive these men about her death to get away from them? Living in such a superstitious world she felt compelled to get up when commanded by this male evangelist and then she just did what she was intent on doing all along, to get away from these two men.

But even if this event happened as Demain claims it did, I still have another objection. I have never personally seen a person whom I knew to be dead who was subsequently raised from the dead. If God does that then why doesn't he do that for me? To me it's like the guy who says he heard his ass talk but cannot make it talk in front of me (think Balaam). It's the same damn thing.

Faith is a cop out and has no place in evidential reasoning.

HT: PZ Myers.