Christians, You Have It All Wrong, This Christian Has The Answers!

That's right, or so he claims. What is missing from his credal statement? What is different from the historic creeds of the faith? Convert I say.

Statement of Beliefs

1. Adam and Mankind were separate creations. (Gen 1:26-28) (Gen 2: 5,6,7,8)
2. Adam became like God and bore the image and likeness of God by choice. (Gen3:22)
3. Adam was created on the 3rd day before the sun, moon, and stars. (Gen 2:5,6,7,8)
4. Mankind was created in the image and likeness of God on the 6th day, and told to immediately procreate. (Gen 1:28)
5. Adam and his companion began to procreate only after the couple knew of their nakedness- and only after they were banished from the garden into the earth. (Gen 3:10,11) (Gen 3:23,24) (Gen 4: 1,2)
6. Adam did not sin. (2 Timothy 13,14,15)
7. We do not die because of Adam's sin. (Rom 5:13,14) (Rom 5:19)
8. The beginning and fullness of the creation of Christ within humanity was once the word became flesh through the creation of the first Adam, then finally the last Adam, the only begotten Son of God. (Luke 3:38) (John 1:1,2,3) (1 Corinthians 15:45,46,47,48,49)
9. The resurrected body of Christ is a spiritual body with individual members having gifts and talents that share in the one spiritual faith and knowledge of Christ. The body of Christ is referred to in the New Testament as the church. (Col 1:24) The resurrected body of Christ strives for peace, love, and harmony between nations, races, neighbours, and friends. The teachings of Jesus is the nexus for the body's one faith.
10. The Christ of God is the creative logos. (John 1:1,2,3,4,5. (John 1:14)
11. The incarnation of our own souls was the core of Jesus' message. (Mat 18:8,9)
12. Heaven and hell exist side by side here on earth. (Rev 22:14,15))
13. Jesus does not have to return. The kingdom of God is within this world. (Luke 13: 18,19,20) (Luke 17:20).
14. Paul warned that the truth of the teachings of Jesus and Christianity would eventually become a fabricated and deliberate lie. (Rev 17: 1-18).