My Debate With Dinesh

I thought this was an insightful comment card handed out to the people who attended my debate with Dinesh last night. The video will be available soon and when it is I'll link to it, along with any results from this card. I've already posted my opening statement. Some people say I lost the debate. Let me respond.
You'll be able to judge for yourselves of course, but keep in mind some things if you will. I gear my arguments to the Christian university student. If you do not fall into this target audience of mine you will probably not feel the force of my arguments. I do not direct my arguments to the skeptic. I do not preach to the choir. I know the mind of the believer and I gear my arguments to them on the level of the university student. That's why I'm interested in the results of the comment cards from Christian students in that audience, which were the overwhelming majority in attendance. I suspect I sowed plenty of doubt among these students.

Another thing. The moderator. A nice guy of course, but apparently it was the first time he had done something like this. While he did a good job keeping us on time he did not do a good job keeping us focused. He just let us talk back and forth during our one on one time. During the Q & A he was supposed to give us each a chance to respond to a particular question regardless of who was asked to respond. Dinesh was asked several questions and I was not given a chance to respond. I asked myself if it would be better to jump in and be rude or not respond, and I chose not to be rude. One must realize that there is no way to answer every argument that your opponent throws up.