A Question About Brainwashing and Deprogramming

I received an email where someone commented:
I was intrigued by the brainwashed people don’t know they’re brainwashed post several days ago. My wife is rapidly and rabidly falling deeper and deeper into this crap. Are there any books out there that you could recommend related to this issue, both the process of brainwashing as well as the process of deprogramming?
I know people would rather that I use the term "socialization" rather than "brainwashing" but I think this is the best word to shock believers out of their delusion. Any long discussion with them like I participate in every day leads me to this conclusion. For some of them there is quite literally nothing that I can say to change their minds. Deprogramming is the answer, but that's what I'm trying to do every day. I make slow progress if at all. They already know I'm of the devil trying to persuade them off the straight and narrow and that I don't want to believe because I prefer sin.

The things I've read on brainwashing and deprogramming are all dated now and I haven't read anything lately on the topic. Most all of what I read concerned cultists who brainwashed Christian teens and the deprogramming their parents had to force them to undergo to help get them out of it. This kind of deprogramming cannot be done to adults, for they literally grabbed these kids off the streets and subjected them to hours and even days of love from those who knew them as well as reasoning based on the Bible.

Boy, I wish I had the silver bullet for you that would cause her to doubt. She has to be willing to look at the arguments. She has to be willing to consider she could be wrong. Why on earth wouldn't any thinker consider they are wrong? This is the only path to knowledge. Questioning what we think is true.

I have a good friend who says he's scared of reading my book. He knows it could cause him to doubt. And so he won't read it. That's the sad state of affairs we're dealing with here in brainwashed adults.

Maybe there is some recent literature on this subject. If you find some good stuff let me know of it.


If anyone else wants to suggest some resources post them below.