Christians, Pray For the Death of President Obama. Why Not?

Hell, 24% of Republicans think President Obama is the Anti-Christ, so why wouldn't Christians pray for his death? And true to form over one million of them are doing so, according to this Facebook page. Christian, why haven't you joined in yet? You think it's not biblical? Think again. Ever hear of the imprecatory Psalms in the Bible? Doing so is Biblical, you see. So choose: either follow the Bible and pray for his death, or reject the Bible. Oh, I know, these Christians are just idiots--more than a million of them--right? No, the Bible is barbaric and your God was a poor communicator if he wanted them to think differently. Calling for prayers like this could inspire some idiot to try to kill him. Christians who do this ought to be ashamed of themselves, especially if this happens. But these Christians really want him to die, don't they?