"The Invention of Lying" is a Funny Movie

Here's a great clip in which Ricky Gervais tells lies in order to give people hope for a life after death. It's hilarious.


Larian LeQuella said...

My wife and daughter enjoyed this move a great deal too. :)

When you get down to it, Ricky has it right. The entire concept of religion is a great big lie at its heart.

zenmite said...

Most people here may already know this, but Ricky is an atheist. He probably got a kick out of playing that bit. That was funny for me, but I wonder how theists feel about that segment of the movie?

Breckmin said...

born-again Christians know that it is utterly ridiculous and an exposure of the subterfuge that exists "regarding" true Christianity.
"Man in the sky" is a strawman and exposes the fact that people have not legitimate "God concept" of an Infinite Creator Who does not move around in outerspace.
"Do good things and bad things" exposes the delusion regarding how we are saved and what we are truly saved from.
All it is doing is making fun of something that doesn't exist because it is once again presented incorrectly.
The GLORY of Salvation will NOT be about eating "icecream."

Wade Anes said...

"I say FUCK the man in the sky!"

ROFLMAO I concur! :)

@Breckmin, give it a rest, already! The glory of salvation? SHEESH!

scooterwes said...

Yeah, but Ricky, you forgot to say that the son of the man in the sky has a lot of free passes to hand out, sort of a "get out of jail free" card.

Keep it up Ricky! Christians aren't going to watch this and suddenly declare themselves atheists, but instead may find a seed of doubt planted, as happened in my life.

Double A said...

I watched this movie and laughed toward the beginning before it turned to Ricky-centric propaganda. And scooter ...a seed of doubt? C'mon man, my belief in God is not shaken because someone like Ricky scoffs at the 'unfairness' of it all. Who is Ricky Gervais anyway? Some sort of all-knowing sage? No. Not even close.
How do I feel about that segment of the movie? ...I felt sorry for Ricky that he feels some sort of power through the use of mockery.

BathTub said...

Actually I thought the film was lame.

Not Lying is portrayed in the film as Being a Dick & Too Much Information.

jimmmiekeyes said...

The film is funny, a cute takeoff on Moses and the Ten Commandments. It makes the point that the basics of religions, at least those with an Abrahamic foundation, are really unbelievable nonsense. The born again christian claims he knows the truth and Ricky Gervais doesn't. Hmmmm, well let's see, the God of the born again christian is the father of another god, his son, Jesus, who is the same god as the father, but who took human form by being born of a Virgin about 2000 years ago. he lived for thirty three years, was crucified by Romans at the behest of the Sanhedrin, rose after three days and was taken up to be with the father 40 days later. Wherever that is that is where his body is with the body of his mother, Mary who was taken into heaven when she died. The bible (new testament) was written some two hundred or so years later by some 40 different individuals and that is what the born again Christian says is the absolute word of this god.
Is that enough, you go ahead and believe this bunk.
One thing I can guarantee is when you die you are dead. Nothing survives - not one thing.