My Top 25 Substantive Posts in 2010

I've made a list of what I consider the Top 20 Substantive Posts of Mine in 2009. So now I introduce you to what I consider my top 25 substantive posts in 2010:

25) John's Top Ten List of How to Deal With "The Christian Delusion" Book.

24) Five Factors That Cause Christians To Lose Their Faith.

23) Praise God for the Disaster in Haiti! Isn't God Good? Thank You Jesus!

22) What is the Likelihood That a Trickster or Evil God Exists?

21) God, Sex, and the Orgasm

20) Bayesian Background Priors.

19) Extraordinary Claims Hogwash, Remix.

18) The Choice is Emphatically NOT Between Christianity and Atheism

17) The Problem With Using God as an Explanation

16) Step Outside the Box and See it For What it is.

15) The Top Seven Ways Christianity is Debunked by the Sciences.

14) Deceptive Apologetic Strategies.

13) A Scale Depicting Extraordinary Claims

12) That Which Disconfirms UFO’s From Mars Also Disconfirms God’s Existence.

11) People Believe and Defend That Which They Prefer to Be True And the Facts Won't Change Their Minds. (This is actually a series of posts).

10) The Free Will Fumble: Why Christians Treat it Just Like They do With Unanswered Prayer

9) The Jesus in the Gospels Never Existed.

8) Hey Christian, You Can Test Your Prayers Objectively.

7) How Science Leads to Naturalism (At Least For Me).

6) How to Debunk Christianity

5) The Trouble With Natural Theology

4) Reality Check: What Must Be the Case if Christianity is True?

3) Ten Reasons Why Atheism Can’t Win.

2) My Opening Statement With Dinesh D'Souza

1) My Opening Statement With David Wood

Honorable mention:

How to Properly Review a Book: A Guide for Bloggers

On Being Ignorant of One's Ignorance and Unaware of Being Unskilled

[First posted 12/15/10 and updated]