Update on a Proposed Co-Written Book with a Christian Scholar

It's not always easy coming to terms about a book proposal. Here's the new proposal he made to me:
I propose that each debate consist of 750 words arguing the affirmation, 750 words arguing the denial. At that point we exchange our brief opening arguments and then write 100 word rebuttals. Then we exchange those brief rebuttals and write 50 word closing statements so that a single debate is about 1800 words total. With an introduction and 20 debates that would put us at about 38-40,000 words which is a nice little 160 page book.
So we're going to begin by writing on three questions each. Here they are:

My first three questions have to do with the biblical god:

The biblical god ruled over a pantheon of gods and had a wife, Asherah.

The biblical god required human sacrifices for his pleasure.

The biblical god commanded the genocide of whole people groups.

His first three questions:

If there is no God then life has no meaning.

If there is no God then everything is permitted.

Science is no substitute for religion.