It's Easy to Convert People to Christianity!

This 13 minute cartoon video is very instructive, although a bit boring. It's the kind of stuff that converts people to Christianity within a Christian culture. [Warning: Watch it at your own risk! You may convert! lol] This is all you need to do to convert people. Tell a person who is in need a nice tear jerking story. It's easy!

Notice there is no argument given to convince Juan the father to give his life over to Christ. None. No evidence is presented either. Juan is in need and the gospel helps meet his need. That's all there is to it. At the end of the video a verse from Paul's letter to the Romans is read. I won't spoil the story for you, sorry. ;-) But it's presumed Juan already thinks the Bible is the word of God. Why is that? Because he was raised in a Christian culture, that's why. He was enculturated long before he ever made a personal decision when he was in need. It's that enculturation process that's both insidious and ubiquitous. It does all the preliminary work for the Christian evangelist. Juan's conversion was not an educational process. No hard questions were asked by him. The gospel message was just blindly accepted by Juan. And many watchers will be converted by it too.

Who knows but perhaps the next William Lane Craig may be converted by something like this. After having made such a commitment the convert will defend his or her decision (that's what we humans do), especially since the story offers a blissful reward in heaven and a painful punishment in hell if reversed. It's that simple and that powerful. It's easy to convert people to Christianity!

This is why I gave ten reasons why atheism can't win.