My Predictions of the Excuses Harold Camping May Make

1) I miscalculated. The Rapture will be a month, a year, or several years from now.

2) Jesus appeared to me and said there was too much media attention so he's postponed the Rapture indefinitely. After all, Jesus said no one will know the day and the hour. Too many people knew!

3) Jesus did come back and found no one worthy. We need to repent of our sins.

4) Jesus came back spiritually, just like the Jehovah's Witnesses before him said.

5) Jesus actually entered into the heavenly sanctuary, just like the Seventh Day Adventists before him said.

6) Whether it happened or not it was a good thing in the end, because many people got saved (utilitarianism at its best).


Or, he could say, "I'm a deluded buffoon." But what are the chances of that? 0%