My Old Friend and I Are No Longer Friends

I ended our friendship. I wrote about Bill before, and even sent him that link. Here is the rest of the story. I decided that if Bill wants to evangelize me I would send him some links to DC and to some additional books, so I did. Then this:
Hi Bill,

You are bat crazy, a loon, if you actually believe what you are saying.

Even when I was a Christian I would see it is fruitless to engage a person like me, as you have done.

I don't think you understood me as a minister and you utterly fail to understand me now. My educational experience put me head and heels over most everyone you had probably known. I am an intellectual. You are a child treating me like I am a child and that offends me more than you can possibly know.

Someone like you who continues in this vein will be blocked and our friendship over. Your choice. But I laugh at your feeble simplistic ignorant delusional attempts at engaging me.

Or, you can try to explain to me how a person can be 100% God and 100% man, or how Jesus' death on the cross does anything at all by way of forgiving us from sins, or how a spiritual being such as God can interact with a material world... The list is endless.

Only if you want deal with these arguments will I engage you further.

Best Wishes,
John W. Loftus
And this:
Bill, you said to me, "And you claim to have an OPEN MIND?"

I most certainly do.

It is YOU who do not have an open mind

Best Wishes,
John W. Loftus

Then I get a series of emails in response from him all basically saying the same damn thing:
Ya know...when ya hit the ball on the sweet spot of the bat you knock it right out of the park. There is no sweeter sound to the ear of a ball player. 6 e-mails in one day, the first coming at 4:32 A.M. Hmmmm...sure sounds like the sweet spot to me. And that is not chest thumping as you call it...that is REALITY. Hit a nerve did I John. And "ARGUMENT"

You call it about the existence of Satan. Smoke and mirrors, conjecture, opinion, ignoring and or avoiding facts already in evidence, side-stepping...YOU HAVE NO FOUNDATION. A house of cards at best. Speculation and "Oh Lord I hope this is right" is what I saw on EVERY page of that material, John...and you know it. Why not just come clean and admit you have no case. WOGPIL...WithOut God Purpose Is LOST...and so are you...

So I ended it and blocked him. I guess he didn't believe I would, but then he didn't believe anything else I said:

Bill, you are a loon, bat shit crazy, dumber than a box of rocks, mentally straitjacketed and brain incontinent.

Stay away from me with this shit. Fuck off numb nuts. I refuse to be friends with utter idiots like you.

You don't get it. You can't.

Sorry about the language folks but I have been online blogging daily for over five years and I hear this crap all of the time from believers I don't know. But coming from a friend who should know better? WTF? He probably thinks he's the chosen one called by God to turn me around precisely because he is/was a friend. "Ahhh yes, I have a better connection to John because we know each other pretty well. I am God's ticket." Yeah, right. Go fuck yourself.