The Casey Anthony Trial: Were the Jurors Stupid or What?

The death of Caylee Anthony is still a mystery they say, since Casey Anthony was acquitted today. She was only convicted of providing false information to police. Really? I find it impossible that Casey Anthony would provide false information to police about her missing daughter Caylee, if she wasn't at least an accomplice to her murder. Impossible! That Casey got off is a testament to what we know about people. Were the jurors stupid? Probably not. What went wrong then? Only one juror had a criminal record, that of drinking and driving. Good people, decent people, upstanding people in any community just cannot fathom that a mother would kill her own daughter, and that's it. Place a few felons on that jury and they would've spotted a criminal mind in action, because it's really true to say "it takes one to know one." The problem is that felons cannot serve as jurors in thirty one states and in federal courts. No, these jurors probably weren't stupid people. They were blinded by their own prejudices, a recurring theme here when it comes to Christianity. ;-)