I Struggle Doing What I Do.

I struggle with the loss of purpose today, having already written and edited three books that people on both sides have recommended as the best of their kind. What's left to say I wonder, if they don't help change the religious landscape? Taken together with other recent books and those that are forthcoming, there is no where left for the deluded to hide, that is, if they really want to know the truth. I am gradually feeling the need to make some needed money to live my life out with a few more extras. You can help stave off what I see as the inevitable by donating to keep me writing and blogging. To anyone who thinks I'm getting rich off my books I challenge you to write one and see how far a few hundred dollars goes every six months. If what I do has helped you in some small way and you have the means to give back, click here, or keep track of your donations by clicking on the ChipIn link in the sidebar. Please. I am really embarrassed to have to ask. Thanks goes out to several people who have done so in the past. It means a lot to me.