Sex, Sex, and More Sex

Pardon the objectification of a woman here, which is a picture you could find in a Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit issue or a Victoria's Secret catalog, but I do it to make a point, and to get my point noticed. I just watched part of an episode of Love Bites on NBC and what I saw was heavily sexual in nature. NBC is coming out with a weekly show having to do with Playboy. Listen, I'm no prude, but a few decades ago the American Family Association would be blowing their top at these programs, and effectively boycotting their commercial sponsors. Yet sex continues to sell. Robert Price argues in the Afterward of The End of Christianity, which can be read on Amazon, that sex will be the undoing of Evangelicalism. These kind of programs will have more to do with the undoing of Evangelicalism than probably any book debunking it. Mark my words.