Thomas Riskas in "Deconstructing Mormonism" Uses the OTF

In his massive 480 page book, Deconstructing Mormonism: An Analysis and Assessment of the Mormon Faith, published by American Atheist Press, Thomas Riskas is the first author to use my OTF against a different religion, Mormonism. On page xxxiii he writes:
In my estimation, and as it will be argued in the pages that follow, such an approach [i.e. the OTF] is beneficial to all believers, and is therefore important enough to present at some length below, and to reference repeatedly throughout this book as a reminder and invitation to readers.
That's really cool. I'm no expert in Mormonism but I surely love his approach. ;-) Others who plan on deconstructing different religions should consider doing the same thing in their books. Hey, maybe even a Christian book against Islam, eh?

Atheist philosopher Kai Nielsen wrote the Foreword to the book and says of it:
Deconstructing Mormonism should be required reading for Mormons. It is, however, not only something for Mormons or ex-Mormons, but for anyone who would seriously think about religion and wonder what its relation should be to their lives or about whether they should be religious at all. (p. xiii)