Two Milestone Rankings Passed Today

The first one is that The End of Christianity reached a ranking on Amazon below 1,200th.

It may get even better before it's over. The question is how long it will stay down there. Hopefully for a couple of months or more.

Peter Veitch reviewed the book with these words: "If you want to remain a Christian, seriously don't buy this book, it may make you question your beliefs more than any other book (series) I have ever read."

Ahhhh, but wait, is that a good thing to say if I want Christians to read it? ;-)

The second milestone is that DC just ran over the competition among SBL's Bibliobloggers. Joel Watts had his badge up a few days before I did, so he had an early head start. But after a couple days I had climbed very fast:

Joel: 11,325 hits
John: 6,223 hits

It took just two more days to trounce him leaving them all in the dust. It was as if I was driving a car and the lead man, Joel, was pedaling a bike:

Rankings do not prove good content, I know, but now more than ever people will notice my book(s) & blog and then see for themselves.

It's exciting really.

A big heartfelt thanks goes out to the contributors in my books and the commenters here at DC. Together we're making a difference.

Thanks also for the overwhelming show of support I have received in the last week or so. It has greatly encouraged me to keep blogging.