A Very Brief Who's Who List of Recommended Skeptical Scholars

When it comes to science I highly recommend the work of people like Victor Stenger, Michael Shermer, Jerry Coyne, PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Phil Plait, Neil deGrasee Tyson, Taner Edis, and others. They know science so I defer to them. They make what I do possible, for without them it would be hard to make my case against Christianity.

When it comes to deconstructing Christianity I highly recommend Biblical scholars like Hector Avalos, Robert Price, Bart Ehrman, Jaco Gericke, Thom Stark, and others, along with philosophers like Graham Oppy, Keith Parsons, Matt McCormick, John Shook, Nicholas Everitt, and others. I also recommend former pastors like Dan Barker, Bruce Gerencser, and others.

But when it comes to people who seem to have feet planted in science, AND the Bible, AND in philosophy, I highly recommend Victor Stenger, Richard Carrier, Hector Avalos, David Eller, and Valerie Tarico. We need to listen what these scholars have to say. And guess what, they have come together to write chapters for The End of Christianity. Also included are chapters by Robert Price, Jaco Gericke, Keith Parsons, and Matt McCormick. Get it today. You won't be disappointed. Together we're all making a difference.

[Sorry if I left anyone out, this is not meant to be a comprehensive list].