A Christian Mother: "May You Rot in Hell"

A man was sentenced for molesting a boy who received what justice demanded, putting him behind bars thus keeping our boys safe. But I was struck by this outburst in the courtroom from the victim's Christian mother found in the full version of the story. Yes, it's understandable that she would say what she did. But what is it with that particular phrase? Upon further reflection and with some cooling down time, does she really wish this on her son's molester? Is any crime deserving of an eternal hell? Isn't the molester to be considered more like he's sick than evil? Perhaps he was molested and damaged as a kid himself? And would this molester's own mother ever wish an eternal hell on her son? How could a loving mother ever do that? Now it's said that a loving God doesn't send people to hell, people choose it. If this man ends up in hell did he choose to go there? Does anyone have this kind of self-hatred who would wish to go to hell with eyes wide open? And what's with the Christian mother's hell wish itself? If people choose to go to hell then what good does it do to wish it upon them? Have fun with this.