Christian Philosopher Victor Reppert on a Craig/Loftus Debate

Dr. Reppert said to me: "He should debate you. But I think he would win the debate." Thanks Vic! He should debate me. I know of no stated criteria of Craig's where he will only debate people who could beat him, otherwise very few people are qualified. So bring it. None of Craig's stated reasons for refusing to debate me make any sense. He needs to "man up" as it were. With the endorsements of Reppert, Jeff Lowder, and Keith Parsons, this debate possibility is gaining momentum despite a few naysayers. In a recent poll here at DC, if we discount the people who don't like these kind of debates at all, 83% want to see it. To anyone who wonders why I would want to debate Craig even if I would probably lose, I say that I don't think I would lose depending on how one defines losing. I think I would offer several doubt producing arguments and that's good enough for me. [Fair Warning: To anyone who presumes to offer unasked for advice about what I should want to do, be careful.] ;-)