My New Forthcoming Anthology!

The Case against Miracles ed. John W. Loftus

Part 1 Christian Apologetics and Miracles

Miracles and Apologetics, by David Corner

God Would Not Perform Miracles, by Matthew McCormick

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence, by John Loftus

The Historian vs Craig Keener’s Methodology, by Matthew Ferguson

Craig Keener’s Faulty Case for Miracles, by Edward T. Babinski

The Abject Failure of Christian Apologetics, by John Loftus

Why Christians Believe in Miracles, by Valerie Tarico

Part 2 Biblical Miracles under Scrutiny: Case Studies

No! The Bible is Not Divinely Inspired, by David Madison

Evolution is a Fact, by Abby Hafer

Old Testament Miracle Genres as Folklore and Legend, by Randall Heskett

Miracles, Science, and the Flood, by Clay Farris Naff

Old Testament Messianic Prophecies, by Robert J. Miller

The Miracle of an Incarnate God Born of a Virgin, by Robert M. Price

The Miracles of Jesus, by Robert Conner

Credulity at Cana?, by Evan Fales

The Miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus?, by John Loftus

The Credibility of Paul and His Revelations, by Robert Conner

Prophecies of the Coming Son of Man Failed, by Robert Conner