A Debate Challenge on the Problem of Evil.

I have seen many debates on the web having to do with the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus, the possibility of miracles, and the historicity of the Bible. It seems as though Christians are more apt to debate these topics. But I issue an open challenge to any Christian apologist on the web to debate me on the problem of evil.

If you know of a Christian apologist who is up to this, tell them about my challenge. Once an apologist accepts my challenge we'll work out the details.

I don't look for any eager beavers on this one.

If you see this challenge, post it on your Blogs and/or websites.

My Christian philosopher friend, Dr. James Sennett, has said: “By far the most important objection to the faith is the so-called problem of evil – the alleged incompatibility between the existence or extent of evil in the world and the existence of God. I tell my philosophy of religion students that, if they are Christians and the problem of evil does not keep them up at night, then they don’t understand it.” [Forthcoming book: This Much I Know: A Postmodern Apologetic].


Rob Slaven said...

Sweeeet... a blog about the debunking Christianity... in INDIANA of all places. Accept my congratulations and my bookmark for revisitation.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to debate you on this topic, provided it's a public debate and not an internet thing.

It will have to wait until fall, however. I already have a four part series to prepare for May and a debate with some Muslims (and much more) during the summer. Fall's open though.

David Wood

Anonymous said...

Okay David, we've got some time to work out the details. E-mail me and we'll work them out, including the proposition to be resolved.

Why the aversion against an internet debate?

I'm still interested in knowing how many Christians would dare engage in such a debate with me on this issue. So there can be more than one taker to my challenge.

Anonymous said...


I would like to interview you on my weekly program "The Atheist Hour" concerning your desire to debate this topic. I am also good friends with Dr. Robert Morey. I am sure we can get something going here. Just send me an email at tagurit@gmail.com.


Gene Cook, Jr,

Grano1 said...

Mr. Loftus,

I encourage you to check out the recent book by David Bentley Hart, THE DOORS OF THE SEA: WHERE WAS GOD IN THE TSUNAMI? for a new (but old) approach to theodicy. Hart is one of the premier Eastern Orthodox philosopher/theologians in the U.S. and you'll find that his approach to the question of evil is rather different from that of both Protestantism and Catholicism.

Now the book is brief, being a sort of prolegomenon to the issue, but at the very least it offers some "new" directions on the question.

Steven Carr said...

Why does David Woods not want his words recorded on the Internet for all in the world to read?

It is his choice, of course, and I;m not imputing any bad motives. I just think written debates are much better than oral debates.

For example, I have a written debate at http://www.theologyweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41111 which anybody can read at their leisure

I have some thoughts on the subject of the problem of evil at

There is a new book reviewed on Internet Infidels, where the author apparently argues that the logical problem of evil is alive and well.

Perhaps the LPOE should join Darwinian evolution as one of the things Christians assure us atheists are abandoning in droves.....

Steven Carr said...

David Wood has given the wrong URL

It should behttp://www.answeringinfidels.com/

The first page says 'Skeptic Richard Carrier responded to Wood's criticisms of Sense and Goodness without God by calling him a bigot and a liar.'

This seems pretty accurate to me

There are more of Carrier's comments at http://www.columbia.edu/~rcc20/contrawood.html where Carrier writes

'Wood's critique is a fine example of Christian bigotry. It is essentially a trash-talking diatribe, filled with open disdain and lack of manners or respect, entirely founded on misrepresenting the facts.'

Frank Walton said...

To Steven Carr: My aren't we so observant. David Wood gave the wrong url? What about yours "behttp://www.answeringinfidels.com"? That's the wrong url too!

Anyway, I look forward to the debate. John, I hope you take Gene Cook up for his invitation to the Atheist Hour (www.unchainedradio.com) as well.

Bryan said...

What's to debate? God is Good. Not God is evil. No problem.

Still, if you will please explain your understanding of the problem of evil to me, perhaps God will allow us to come to some reasoning that you can accept.