My New Forthcoming Anthology!

[Update On 11/18/19] The Case against Miracles ed. John W. Loftus

Link to book, "The Case Against Miracles:

Foreword: On Miracles and Truth, By Michael Shermer


Part 1 Miracles and the Abject Failure of Christian Apologetics

1| Miracles and the Challenge of Apologetics, By David Corner
2| God Would Not Perform Miracles, By Matt McCormick
3| Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence, By John W. Loftus
4| Properly Investigating Miracle Claims, By Darren M. Slade
5| Tidal Wave or Trickle? Assessing Keener’s Miracles, By Edward T. Babinski
6| The Abject Failure of Christian Apologetics, By John W. Loftus
7| Why Do Christians Believe in Miracles?, By Valerie Tarico

Part 2, Properly Investigating the Miracle of Biblical Revelation
8| Why the Romans Believed the Gospels, By R. G. Price
9| How New Testament Writers Helped Jesus Fulfill Prophecy, By Robert J. Miller
10| The Prophetic Failure of Christ’s Return, By Robert Conner
11| Five Inconvenient Truths that Falsify Biblical Revelation, By David Madison

Part 3, Properly Investigating Key Biblical Miracles

12| Evolution is a Fact!, By Abby Hafer
13| Old Testament Miracle Genres as Folklore and Legend, By Randall Heskett
14| Science, Miracles and Noah’s Flood, By Clay Farris Naff
15| Jesus Christ: Docetic Demigod, By Robert M. Price
16| Miracles of the Christian Magicians, By Robert Conner
17| Credulity at Cana?, By Evan Fales
18| The Resurrection of Jesus Never Took Place, By John Loftus
19| “If we went crazy, it was for God,” Paul’s Christianity, By Robert Conner

About the Contributing Authors
Appendix: Hume On Proof and Mathematical Probability, by John Loftus