Exbeliever's Posts

The following contains links to all of the posts I have contributed to this blog. I will update it with each additional contribution.

New Team Member--My introductory post. Somewhat biographical.

Understanding Presuppositionalism--Exactly what it sounds like. Includes some criticisms, but mostly summarizes presuppositionalism.

From an Atheist's Perspective--Discusses John Loftus' "Outsider Test." Asks Christians how they know their faith is true and not merely an accident of their birth.

A Call for Civility--An overly optimistic call for Christians to be gracious in online debates.

Would I Ever Follow the Christian God Again?--A post that explains why, even if I became convinced that the Christian God existed, I would refuse to worship him for ethical reasons.

An Evidentialist Challenge, Restated--A post in which I answer the two most popular presuppositionalist's questions, "Without the Christian God, how can you account for universal laws of logic and morality?" I also issue a challenge for Christians to demonstrate the validity of their faith.

A Very Sad Farewell--A post explaining my refusal to have anything further to do with a particularly obnoxious Christian and his blog.

Incomprehensible Stupidity--A further post of outrage at the same individual.

On the Subject of Authorship--An argument against Moses' authorship of the Pentateuch, some implications of this, and a "black-helicopter" explanation of where these books might have originated.

Step into My Vortex--Discussing the vastness of the universe and our insignificance in it. Has a cool link that shows how big (and small) the universe is.

Life After the Vortex (An Existentialist Reading)--My philosophy for living a full life in light of our insignificance in the universe. Discusses Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus.

Too True to Be Funny--A funny picture I found of Jesus holding a pistol and "standing at the door and knocking."

Kalam Cosmological Argument--Premise One--Describes how the first premise of the cosmological argument cannot be maintained.

The God Who Is Not--Argues that atheists are the best worshippers because they refuse to associate any god with the evil that exists in this world.

Dr. James White, How Ya Like Me Now?--Questions how it can be that if I never really was a Christian (a contention of Calvinistic Christians), so many Christians and churches believed God confirmed my faith to them (e.g. my baptism, ordination, selection for leadership, etc.). This post is somewhat biographical.

A Response to Dr. James White--A response to a post from a former professor of mine about my previous post.

Ye of Subjective Faith--Questions how religious experience is not an appropriate foundation for Christian faith. Compares religious experiences to deja vu.

The Soul--A Rational Belief?--Argues that modern cognitive science leaves little room for the existence of a "soul." I think this one is fascinating.

Is Atheism a World View?--Corrects the often asserted falsehood that atheism is a "world view."

Atheists--The Least Trusted Group in America?--Responds to a poll saying that atheists are the least trusted group in America. Asks Christian to justify this sentiment by explaining what American atheists have done to earn such a reputation.

A Bad Taste!--The Psalmist writes, "Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him." (Psalm 34:8) I explain why I was left with a "bitter taste" and why I attempt to dissuade Christians.

Justifying TAG?--A post in which I ask presuppositionalists to justify the first premise of the transcendental argument for the existence of the Christian God (TAG).

Justifying TAG? Part 2: A Response to Paul Manata--Comments on a presuppositionalist's attempt to answer my challenge in the previous post.

Presuppositionalism: Arguments 4, Supports 0--Argues that all presuppositionalists arguments are unsupported, that presuppositionalism is trickery, not a valid argument.

To David and All Others Who So Flippantly Dismiss our Past Faith--A response to a particular individual who dismissed the experiences of former Christians. This is meant as an open letter to anyone who flippantly states that we were never believers.

This is exbeliever's last post where he deals with several arguments for the existence of God by Tom Wanchick.