Five One Chapter Summaries of My Case Against Christianity

Over the years I have written several summaries of my case against Christianity. The first one was based on my magnum opus, Why I Became an Atheist. It was written in 2008 called Why I Am Not a Christian: A Summary of My Case Against Christianity. The second one is found in my anthology, The End of Christianity, in a chapter titled Christianity is Wildly Improbable in 2011 (pp. 75-104). My third one is found in chapter 9 of my book The Outsider Test for Faith in 2013, titled Debating Christianity Based on the Test (pp.171-205). The fourth one can be found in a chapter for my book, How To Defend the Christian Faith: Advice from an Atheist, that summarizes the kind of arguments wannabe apologists should be forewarned about in their quest to be apologists. It's titled Realize in Advance the Monumental Challenges (pp. 39-51). I just finalized the fifth summary for my anthology, The Incompatibility of God and Horrendous Suffering, set to come out at Halloween. Boo! It's has nearly 15 thousand words in it and titled, "In Defense of Hitchens's Razor." In it I make two main points. 1) The Christian Faith Has No Objective Evidence On Its Behalf, and 2) The Christian Faith Makes No Sense At All. None of my summaries stress the same exact things. But they seem to keep getting better and better.
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