The Outsider Test is Hypothetical....

Earlier I proposed an Outsider Test here for all metaphysical and religious commitments.

Let me clarify one misconception about this proposed test based on the following sets of forseen criticisms:

It's impossible to actually test every metaphysical commitment at the same time, since we can never be outsiders to everything. Furthermore, anytime we do test another belief system we do so from inside a different belief system which we are assuming and not at that precise moment testing. That is, we always operate from the inside of some kind of control belief or system. So the objection is that a person can hardly be blamed for not doing something that is impossible to do.

But I never said we could actually test our metaphysical commitments this way. It's a hypothetical test. Scientists and especially philosophers imagine hypothetical thought experiments all of the time.

So let's call this a hypothetical thought experimental test.

What lessons can we learn from it?

Answer that for me, and you'll know what I have been getting at.